SOLID – Application Development Principles


SOLID Principles – PDF Document Well Formatted.

Source Code Can be downloaded from here

SOLID are five basic principles whichhelp to create good software architecture. SOLID is an acronym where:-

  • S stands for SRP (Single responsibility principle
  • O stands for OCP (Open closed principle)
  • L stands for LSP (Liskov substitution principle)
  • I stands for ISP ( Interface segregation principle)
  • D stands for DIP ( Dependency inversion principle)

Single Responsibility

Single Responsibility Principle states that objects should have single responsibility and all of their behaviors should focus on that one responsibility

    class Customer
        public void Add()
                // Database code goes here
            catch (Exception ex)
                System.IO.File.WriteAllText(@"c:Error.txt", ex.ToString());

The above customer class is doing things WHICH HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO DO. Customer class should do customer data validations, call the customer data access layer etc , but…

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