Introduction to .NET Web API 2 with C# Part 3: authentication

Exercises in .NET with Andras Nemes


So far in this intro course we haven’t discussed authentication although we enabled it when we created the demo Web Api app. In this demo we’ll see how to make an authenticated request to the API. Let’s imagine that our rockband data is top secret. Therefore not just anyone should gain access to it.

Open the demo app and the simple HTML web app we’ve been working on and let’s get started.


Recall from the previous post in this series that we made an anonymous call to the API via the Get Rockbands button from the HTML web app. We’ll see how the need of authentication changes the picture.

Open RockbandsController.cs and place the following attribute over the class declaration:

Run both apps. Have the Chrome developer tools open in the browser for default.html. Press the Get Rockbands button and you should get a 401 back:

Unauthorised Web API

So we’ll…

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